For individuals:

Have you ever felt lost inside your own mind? Asking a lot of questions you have a hard time ansewering? How does that make you feel? Ever had that moment where you woke up one morning and asked yourself : “is this it, is this my life? It’s not fair that this is happening to me!”

Be aware of the power negative thoughts can have on your behavior and actions. It can for instance make an actual illness become even worse. Positive thoughts, can improve your behavior, actions or illness.

Would you like to do something about that, get a grip on your thoughts, your actions, your life?

My personal coaching will bring you:

  • more grip on those negative thoughts
  • being ready for the steps to take to improve your life
  • feeling better about yourself
  • clearity on the results and how that will change things happening right now.


For companies:

Within companies and organisations, such personal questions and things to deal with can be the cause of employees calling in sick.

And for those companies involved, that could cost a lot: sick pay and / or reduced turnover.

My training and coaching will help solve communicationproblems between  employees of all sections within companies and organisations.

This results in a better workingenvironment which will reduce sick leave and increase the output/turnover.


If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Call: +31-(0)50-5774199 or mail Erik Lotsy